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Open Correspondence: An Epistolary Dialogue. Co-translation Safoi Babana-Hampton, Valérie K. Orlando and Mary Vogl of Correspondance ouverte (Rabat, Morocco: Marsam Editions, 2005), (University of New Orleans Press, 2010; pp. 175, bibliography, authors’ notes and introduction).

Edited Journals

“The Confrontation of History and Memory in Francophone Literature of North Africa”International Journal of Francophone Studies (Vol. 6 (2), 2003).

Special Co-edited volume of Expressions maghrébines with Fazia Aitel (Claremont U) entitled: “The Exiled, the Foreigner, and the Other in the Works of Nabile Farès” (Vol 17(2) winter, 2018).

Articles in refereed & peer reviewed journals

« L’Altérité, l’Algérianité et le devenir en errance : James Baldwin et Nabile Farès à la recherche d’‘un nouveau monde’ », Expressions maghrébines, (Vol 17(2) winter 2018: 119-139).

“Challenging the Algerian Master Narrative in Samir Toumi’s L’Effacement (2016): A Counter-Narrative for a Mujahidin Haunting”, The Journal of North African Studies (January 2018: 2-20). DOI: 10.1080/13629387.2018.1428799  link: 

“‘Crier dans le désert’: Abdellatif Laâbi’s Epistolary Reflections on the Roll of the Moroccan Intellectual in Un Autre Maroc,” special edition, Les vies multiples d’Abdellatif Laâbi. Expressions maghrébines, (Vol.15(2), Winter 2016: 85-103).

“The Transnational Turn in African Literature of French Expression: Imagining Other Utopic Spaces in the Globalized Age.” Humanities 5(30) Published 5-18-2016. Special Issue: “Transcultural Literary Studies: Politics, Theory, and Literary Analysis.” Ed. Bernd Fischer, 

DOI:10.3390/h5020030 Abstract:
HTML Version:
PDF Version:

“Women, Madness, Myth & Film: Exploring Moroccan Psychological Trauma and Postmemory in Pegase (Mohamed Mouftakir, 2010),” The Journal of North African Studies, Published 2015-10-05; ISSN 1362-9387 (Print),  DOI Link:


“Conversations with Camus as Foil, Foe, and Fantasy in Contemporary Writing by Algerian Authors of French Expression,” The Journal of North African Studies (Vol. 20(5), 2015: 865-883). Published: 2015-07-27; ISSN 1362-9387 (Print), 1743-9345 (Online) CrossRef DOI Link to Publisher-Maintained Copy:

 “Being-in-the-World in the Global Age: Marginal Spaces as Positive Alternative Places in the Belgian-Moroccan Transnational Cityscape of Les Barons (Nabil Ben Yadir, 2009),” African Studies Review, (September 2014, Vol 57(2): 163-181).

“Scheherazade Tell Me A Story: Talking Women’s Rights, Feminism and the ‘Arab Spring’,” Quarterly Review of Film and Video (Vol. 31(7), September 2014: 679-691).

“La Soif d’Assia Djebar: pour un nouveau roman maghrébin,” El Khitab, Revue scientifique semestrielle à comité de lecture-Langue et littérature. Algeria (no.16, 2013 : 137-146).


Being-in-the-World: The Afropolitan Moroccan Author’s World View in the New Millennium,” Journal of African Cultural Studies (Vol. 25(3), 2013: 275-291).

“Women, Religion, and Sexuality in Contemporary Moroccan Film: Unveiling the Veiled in حجاب الحب Hijab al-Hob (Veils of Love, 2009),” Palimpsest: A Journal on Women, Gender and the Black International (Vol. 1(2), Spring 2013: 106-125).

“Pour sortir de la ‘Chambre noire’ : La littérature carcérale d’expression française au Maroc,” Expressions Maghrébines (Vol. 10 (2), Winter 2011 : 33-55).

“Dans l’autre, il y a moi”: L’Humanisme dans la littérature francophone marocaine face à la globalisation,” Nouvelles Etudes Francophones (Vol. 26 (1), Spring 2011: 165-178).

 “Mean Streets, Bad Boys, Drugs and Rock n’Roll: Morocco’s Urban Legends of the 21st Century,”  South Central Review, Special Edition on the Cinemas of the Maghreb (Vol. 28 (1), Spring 2011: 52-73).

“Feminine Spaces and Places in the Dark Recesses of Morocco’s Past: The Prison Testimonials in Poetry and Prose of Saïdia Menebhi and Fatna El Bouih,” The Journal of North African Studies (Vol. 15 (3), September 2010: 273-288).

“La Littérature-monde in the ‘New Morocco’: Literary Humanism for a Global Age,” International Journal of Francophone Studies (Vol. 12 (2, 3), December 2009: 365-383).

“Les (é)cri(t)s des femmes du ‘Nouveau Maroc’ : les romans de Houria Boussejra,” Expressions Maghrébines (Vol. 8, Summer 2009 : 85-104).

“Voices of African Filmmakers: Contemporary Issues in Francophone West African Filmmaking,” Quarterly Review of Film & Video (Vol. 24 (5) October 2007: 445-461).

“To Be Singularly Nomadic or a Territorialized National: at the Crossroads of Francophone Women’s Writing of the Maghreb,” Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism (Vol. 6 (2), 2006 Special Issue: 33-53).

“The Afrocentric Paradigm and Womanist Agendas in Ousmane Sembène’s Faat Kiné (2001),” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (Vol. 26 (2), Fall 2006: 213-224).

Book Introductions and Afterwords

“The Poetics of Relation in the New Millennium: Writing in the Communicative Public Sphere of Cosmopolitan Morocco,” preface to “Part IV” of Dialogic Configurations in Post-Colonial Morocco: Rhetorical Configurations in Arts, Culture and Politics. Editor Najib Mokhtari (Kenitra, Morocco, forthcoming 2018).

“Introduction: Situating the Caribbean: Texts and Contexts,” in Reimagining the Caribbean: Conversations among the Creole, French, Spanish and English Caribbean, Co-edited Volume with Dr. Sandra M. Cypess (Lanham: Lexington Books, 2014): ix-xxi.

“Afterword: Bonus Track 5: Notes on YAE” to Nomad Love, by Youssouf Amine Elalamy, translated by John Leichty (New Orleans: Diálogos Books, 2014): 100-120.

“Forward” to Two Novels by YAE: A Moroccan in New York and Sea Drinkers, by Youssouf Amine Elalamy, translated by John Leichty (Lexington Books, 2008): ix-xvii.

“Avant-Propos” to Réflexions littéraires sur l’espace public marocain dans l’œuvre d’Abdellatif Laâbi, by Dr. Safoi Babana-Hampton (Birmingham : SUMMA Publications, 2008): ix-xiii.

Book Chapters

“Des espaces autres dans Le Rouge du tarbouche: Genre, sexualité et les hétérotopies d’Abdellah Taïa,” in Abdellah Taïa. Poétique et politique de l’engagement et du désir. Ed. Ralph Heyndels. Paris :Editions Passage(s) (forthcoming 2019)

« En errance : James Baldwin et Nabile Farès à la recherche d’un nouveau monde » in Nabile Farès, Un passager de l’Occident Entre la lettre et la parole. Eds. Beida Chikhi, Ali Chibani, Karima Lazali, and Baldine Saint Girons (forthcoming 2018).

Fictions of the Real in a Cosmopolitan Moroccan Autofiction: Fatima Mernissi’s Dreams of Trespass, Tales of a Harem Girlhood,” in Engaging Fatima Mernissi: Feminism, Islam, and Civil Society. Eds. Fatima Sadiqi and Margot Badran (forthcoming, 2018).

“New Algerian Cinema: Portrayals of Women in Films Post-Les Années Noires,” in A Companion to African Cinema. Eds. Kenneth Harrow and Carmela Garritano, (NY: Wiley-Blackwell, 2019): 379-401. ISBN: 978-1119100546

“Harragas, Global Subjects, and Failed Deterritorializations: The Tragedies of Mediterranean Clandestine Crossings in Maghrebi Cinema,” in The Contemporary African Migration Narrative: Politics, Race, Space. Eds. Cajetan Iheka and Jack Taylor (NY: University of Rochester Press, 2018): 19-38. ISBN 978-1-58046 934-0

“No Name in the Street for Passengers in the West: Nabile Farès, James Baldwin, and Conversations of Alienation”, in Paris and the Marginalized Author: Treachery, Alienation, Queerness and Exile. Eds. Valérie Orlando and Pamela Pears (Lexington Books, 2018): 41-62. ISBN: 978-1-4985-6703-9 

“The Rise and Fall and Rise again of the Cinemas of the Maghreb: From the 1960s to the New Millennium,” in African Filmmaking–Five Formations (Ed. Kenneth Harrow. Michigan State UP, 2017): 175-240. ISBN: 978-1-61186-254-4. 

“Making the Story Go” in La Littérature-Monde: Otherness and Identity in Youssouf Amine Elalamy’s Amour Nomade,” in Decentering Patterns of Otherness: Towards Asymmetrical Transcendence of Identity in Postcolonial MENA Region (Ed. Najib Mokhtari, Babel and UIR press, Rabat, Morocco:  2016): 145-167. ISBN: 978-9954-37-341-5

“Nomadic Paths to Modes of Being and Ways of Cosmopolitan Becoming in La littérature-Monde : Youssouf Amine Elalamy’s Amour Nomade (2013)”, in Migrants au Maroc  Cosmopolitisme, présence d’étrangers et transformations sociales (Eds. Nadia Khrouz and Nazarena Lanza,  Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung  E.V., Bureau du Maroc: Rabat, Morocco, 2016):  140-150, ISBN: 978-9954-36-796-4

“Hysterically Speaking: Abjection, Marginalization and Insanity in the Feminine Francophone African Novel”, in Unraveling Gender, Race and Diaspora. (Eds. Obioma Nnaemeka and Jennifer Thorington Springer, Trenton: Africa World Press, 2016: 179-198) ISBN: 9781569024287

“Divas, Psychos and Action Chicks: Depictions of Women’s Place & Space in Moroccan Cinema in the age of Globalization,” in Moroccan Feminisms: New Perspectives (Eds. Moha Ennaji, Fatima Sadiqi, and Karen Vintges. Trenton: Red Sea Press, 2016: 185-202, ISBN: 9781569024744

 “Cityscapes as Dystopias in Moroccan Film: Hicham Lasri’s L’Os de fer (2007),” in Mediterranean Encounters in the City (Eds. Michela Ardizzoni and Valerio Ferme. Lexington Books, 2015: 57-74).

“Revealing the Past, Conceptualizing the Future on Screen: The Social, Political, and Economic Challenges of Contemporary Filmmaking in Morocco,” in Rethinking African Cultural Production (Eds. Kenneth Harrow and Frida Ekotto. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2015 : 142-158).

“Lieux de mémoires et nouvelles voix/voies des écrivains engagés algériens et marocains”, in Enjeux Identitaires dans l’imaginaire francophone (Ed. Sélom K. Gbanou and Kanaté Dahouda. Trier, Germany: WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2012: 171-182).

“Moroccan Women Authors of French Expression: Feminine Voices of ‘la littérature-monde’ in the Age of Globalization,” in Women and Knowledge in the Mediterranean (Ed. Fatima Sadiqi, Isis Center: Fes, Morocco, NY: Routledge, 2012: 56-72).

“Nationless Authors and Literatures without Nations: Francophone Writing of the Maghreb,” in Perennial Empires (Eds. Silvia Nagy-Zekmi and Chantal Zabus, Youngstown, NY: Cambria Press Inc. 2011:79-98).

 “The Francophone Spaces of the ‘New Morocco’: Transitions in Contemporary Culture, Society and Politics through Literature,” in The World as A Global Agora: Critical Perspectives on Public Space (Eds. Larbi Touaf and Soumia Boutkhil, CambridgeCambridge Scholars Press, 2008: 85-103).

“Writing in/on the Front Lines of Exile: Political Dissidence, Memory and Cultural (Dis)location in Francophone Literature of the Maghreb,” in Representing Minorities : Studies in Literature and Criticism (Eds. Larbi Touaf and Soumia Boutkhil, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, October 2006: 170-183).

 “Knowledge, Power and Fear: Edward Said and the Mainstreaming of Postcolonial Thought,” in Paradoxical Citizenship: Edward Said (Ed. Silvia Nagy-ZekmiLexington Books, 2006: 3-14).

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